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WriteUp Courses provide you with the opportunity to gain skills and to express yourself through the written word alongside like-minded people who are dealing with similar challenges as yourself.


I’m Margaret Johnson, and I’m passionate about passing on my enthusiasm and hard-won knowledge about writing and it’s benefits. I also really love to help my students to increase their self-confidence and wellbeing through my courses.

The beauty of an e-course is that you can study at your own pace, when it suits you, instead of having to go out at a fixed time every week. It isn’t always easy to motivate yourself to go out to attend a class on a cold, wet winter evening, or after a long day at work. Although it is nice to meet people face-to-face on a physical course, you can still make contact with your tutor – that’s me! – and other writers through the Facebook group that accompanies an e-course if you wish to do so. If you’d rather just work alone, that’s fine too.

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Why should you work with me?

As well as being an experienced creative writing tutor who has helped hundreds of students to express themselves through writing, I’m a published author of both fiction, non-fiction and award-winning graded readers for people learning to speak English. Here are a few of my books.

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I really value the feedback I get from my students. Here’s Maggie, speaking about her recent experience on my course Feel The Fear and Write Anyway.

And here’s Rita, writing about the 5-week course she completed recently.

“If like me, you’ve always wanted to write, but somehow never had the time, the motivation or the confidence, then this course is for you.  Margaret combines a thorough, expert knowledge of the writing process with an instinctive understanding of what might be worrying prospective authors. Her sessions are stimulating and practical, aimed at bringing out the best in everyone in a safe, fun and encouraging environment and certainly left me wanting to continue writing.”

And some other students:

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. I feel creative and warm of heart. Thank you.” Louisa.

This course really freed up my imagination and helped me develop plot and character. I found it surprisingly freeing. Very beneficial.” Anna.



I look forward to working with you.